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It's so much more friendly with two!

Ok let's be real.
We. Love. Disney.

Ashley and I have loved Disney since we saw our first Disney movie in theatres (The Little Mermaid if you were wondering!) and it's definitely something that's always brought us together and given us a common theme to bond around. We love how Disney brings people together from all walks of life and encourages people to keep dreaming and never stop believing that there's good in everything, that dreams can come true.
We love visiting the parks (we've been to California, Florida and Tokyo Disney!) and we are so excited to share our experiences with you all. Ashley loves collecting Disney memorabilia and knows all sorts of tidbits to make any Disney trip magical. I cosplay, make custom Mickey ears and love planning Disneybounds for my trips to the parks.
We hope you stick around while we share our love with you all! We know it's a little odd to have a Disney blog run by two different people, but as Pooh says "it's much more friendly with two". ❤️

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